The advent of bicycle computers, heart rate monitors and power measurement systems such as the Power Tap Hub enable cyclists to perfect their training for optimal fitness.  By using these systems one receives the full picture of performance.   Utilizing these tools with a knowledgeable coach will result in direct performance gains.

There are a myriad of online services where a user emails their HR files or Power files and receive feedback from knowledgeable online coaches.   This is service we wouldn’t begrudge certain users.    However, anyone who has ever participated in a race or a large cycling event know that there are numerous variables that contribute to utilizing your fitness in the most efficient manner possible.   Simply put – you can have all the power in world but if you don’t use it efficiently you will lose everytime to someone with less power that can utilize their power in a more efficient manner.   Codifying a riders power output can only be determined with physical observation.   Pedal stroke, position on the bike, position within the pack during a race, corning, responding to attacks and utilizing tactics to gauge other racers endurance or lack thereof are just a few examples of efficient use of power and can only be taught after being observed by a qualified coach.  Even Lance Armstrong admitted he needed the use of a race radio to ensure he was using his power in the most efficient manner.  Since most racers or fit cyclist will never use a radio and have a coach following in a car watching a broadcast a rider needs to learn and apply efficient power management.  This is a but one example of the myriad of other services and benefits with coaching by Brumble Bikes.   Of course we will read you power files or HR files and give you feedback, but we will also work with you on diet, training discipline and observe you on our group rides to ensure you get the most from your training.  This simply can’t be done by an online service and we are confident that this service is the best on the east coast.

As for what makes Brumble Bikes qualified for such a service?   Amos has been racing bicycles since 1988. He currently holds a United States Cycling Federation (USCF) Category 1 license and races for the CCB International racing team.  The result is that Amos has achieved the highest class ranking with amateur domestic bike racing.   This is a result less than 5% of all licensed racers ever achieve.

Contact Amos for pricing and how personalized coaching will help you achieve better results.   Also, please check out our group rides and if you’re thinking of using our coaching service than join us for a ride.  We promise you will not find a more positive and beneficial service anywhere.