With coaching the only thing that matters is improvement and results.   Our clients saw both and as such they sing our praises.   Here are a few coaching client testimonials.   No matter your goals, Brumble Bikes and Amos can help you get to the next level.   Contact us for a free consult.

I have been using Amos Brumble as my coach for the last 2 years.  By way of background I started racing in 2001 at the age of 43 as  Cat 5.   My only experience to that point was a lot of group riding with guys who were racing. I had moderate success and my goal was to upgrade to a Cat 4 and race Masters. Anyone who is or has actively raced understands the level and quality of Master’s racing in New England is quite high with many riders competing that have lengthy resumes up to and including Pro level.   Any given race contains multiple National champions, Pro’s , and former Olympian’s which makes success at this level a difficult task.  I had formerly employed a coach after a couple of years of racing and he helped me lay a good aerobic base, but as time went on my progress flattened.  I was a strong rider, but my progress and race results were not improving.  At the start of 2009 I decided that perhaps a change in coaching would help me and seeing the results from several riders that had worked with Amos I decided that this would be a good move for me, too.

In this short time Amos has certainly helped me break past my former plateau and my results have begun to reflect this. Prior to 2009 I had never cracked the Top 20 in a hilly road race and I finished 8th in the Ct. stage road race (91 hilly miles) and 6th in the GC.   More importantly I finished ahead of riders that I had NEVER beaten in the past.  Other examples of major progress were Toekeneke where I had never made it past the hills on the back section with the pack and this year I did and cut over 9 minutes off my previous best finish time.  I once again finished and beat riders that I had never beaten. At the 2009 Green Mountain Stage Races I made the final group in the multiple mountain ascent road race and that is another first.    It was only an outside mistake of another rider that saw me crash in the final day Crit; the result  cost me a Top 15 GC finish. Riding up App Gap with Glenn Swan was almost a dream come true ( beating him would be that dream).

The biggest testimonial I can give to Amos is the fact that a teammate that has always finished very close to me now has decided to employ Amos after being left behind in many of the races I have mentioned above. If you are looking for success in racing I would highly recommend Amos as a coach.

Mark Dutka CAT III – Masters

Just over a year ago I was a newbie CAT V rider and at races I was literally being dropped off the back.   A customer of Amos’ coaching services started giving me tips and various workouts based on Amos’ methodology.   I saw immediate results and the next season I was able to upgrade to a CAT IV.    At the beginning of the next race seasoned I signed up for coaching with Amos and in that season I saw tremendous improvement.   I enjoyed seven CAT IV wins, with the most notable victory for me being the NYC Harlem Criterium. I was very happy with the results.  This season I am a CAT III and my goal is to be aggressive in the early season and upgrade to a CAT II.  I am continuing to see major improvements in my cycling endurace, strength and most notably my (new) ability to climb. If you’re looking for fluff and a pat on the back, Amos is not your guy.  If you seek real results, are ready to put in the time, can be told where you truly stand, and (at times) can follow with blind faith, Amos will move you up within the pack.   Simply put, the Brumble plan works.

Gary Birkhamshaw CAT II

I signed up for coaching with Amos at the end of the 2007 season.  At the time I was a Cat IV.  I had been training with Amos for about a year before I officially signed up for his coaching and mentoring services.  As an engineer I am really interested in the science of training and racing bikes, Amos helped me to understand the complexities surrounding the sport.  I like that he tells it to me straight without a lot of BS to make things sound better.

I attribute my fist road race win (Jamestown Road Race Cat IV) to Amos telling me this simple but true phrase: “if you’re hurting, so are they.”  Working with Amos during the 2007-2008 offseason prepared me for my upgrade to Cat III.  This preperation resulted in one win and multiple podium finishes throughout the season.  Amos took my general aggressive personality and taught me how to apply it for an effective racing strategy.  If you race you know sometimes you will see someone who is attacking the group and creates the decisive move, well, thats me!!!  I might not be the strongest guys in the peleton, but with Amos’s coaching I have learned to use my strengths and the result is greater confidence in any race and better results.

At the end of the 2008 I took some time off the bike due to personal reasons and then lost another few months due to major medical operation, all said and done I was off the bike for about six months prior to entering my first season as a Cat II.  With Amos’s help I was training hard and started entering races around the mid point of the year.  Amos was always there with encouragement after I was repeatedly getting spit out the back of the P/1/2 peleton.  The high point of my tough 2009 race season was finishing the Green Mountain Stage Race.

I learned a lot in 2009 and my 2010 season preparation with Amos is going really well.  I am confident that I can build on my already successful racing resume.

Dave Fierro CAT II

Great information, as always.  But this one on pace lines is especially helpful.  Chris A.