Group rides

Looking for a group ride while you are in town?  Want to learn about racing without racing?  Come on down!  All group rides will have a structured workout built into them focusing on the abilities and skills needed to be successful at mass start road races.  What’s that mean you ask?  The ride is not a race.  It may seem fast but it has no resemblance to some of those impromptu weekday world championship rides that happen out there.  So if you are looking to prove how good you are don’t bother coming down!

Rides focus on a mixture of skills such as group ride handling of your bike to physical training of race techniques such as sprinting, hill climbing etc.  Workouts vary from week to week but usually have a long term focus on the upcoming road season events that people may be keying on or cross racing in the Fall.

What should you have when you show up:two bottles of water/energy drink,food to eat on or after the ride so you can recover,change of clothes,spare tube and gear to change a flat,helmet,weather appropriate clothing and a bike that works!  Be there on time to ride and we will do our best to be on the road to get the workout in.  If you have time constraints make me aware of this prior to the ride starting.

As a general rule the ride does not wait for people who are not in physically good enough shape.  This is not a deterrent!  Get out there and get better.  The flow of any ride goes much better when the ride just goes.  Keep showing up and you will get faster and the ride will seem easier!  It’s that simple.  If you need your hand held it is not the way to get better.  Typical average speeds are 18-20 mph with no stops unless there is a flat to fix.

If you are interested in the rides sign up below and I will let you know about them.

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