One of our customers wanted to purchase a high-end frame and at the time we weren’t a dealer for this particular company.   When they hesitated to include us as a dealer our customers advocated for us.  Below is a sample of some of the testimonials this company received.  We hope you see this as an example of the superlative and unique service you will receive at Brumble Bikes.

By the way, we ended up becoming a dealer for said company.

I just want to go on record stating that I trust my life to Amos Brumble on a regular basis! This is not an exageration or overstatement to any one who understands what racing high-end bikes is all about, because high-end carbon framed bikes have to be assembled and maintained with care by experienced mechanics.  I would no more “tweak” major assemblies on my racing bikes than I would perform brain surgery on myself.  Many of us who are Amos’ loyal customers prefer to purchase custom frames or new high-end frames and have Amos build the bike for us. His component choices, bike fit and advice are invaluable.  He never “rushes” one of these high-end projects, preferring to alow himself plenty of time to communicate with manufactures and get things figured out correctly.  I rely on Amos for sound advice and quality mechanical sevice.  I strongly recommend that others use his patience and expertise, that they may come to rely on his quality work. Amos himself rides and races high-end carbon (his own bike is a TDF pro bike). He will be building a high-end carbon bike from the frame up for my wife this winter.

Richard F, M45+ roadie, Mystic CT.

I just wanted send a testimonial about the quality and ingenuity of Amos’ work.  I have an 8speed Merckxx AX (titanium, Campy drive train) that I bought in about ’99 and wanted to put new Kysrium wheels on it.  Amos determined that the new wheels are not compatible with an 8speed and did a lot of diligence to try and remedy the problem so that I could have the new wheels without buying a new bike or swapping our drive trains. Ultimately he found a new cog and played with the spacers so that I could get the wheels.  The bike works great and I love the new wheels.  He always kept me in the loop about what was going on, any additional cost, etc.  He is extremely conscientious and, from my perspective, an overly competent bike mechanic. I strongly urge you to provide Amos with the opportunity to build this great looking bike.

Michael A

I’m writing to recommend Amos as both a competent, thoughtful bicycle mechanic and a well-qualified technician. I have dealt with Amos for the last four years and he is as good and competent a mechanic as I’ve dealt with during my 20+ years of cycling. I wouldn’t (and haven’t) hesitated to rely on him to give me the best advice for my particular situation without regard to whether that advice resulted in a sale or work for him.  I’m sure if you check around, you’ll find many other cyclists and people who share this opinion of Amos.

Ron M

I understand that Amos Brumble has contacted you about the BMC Time Machine TT01 and that you have some questions about his capabilities.  You should know that Amos is the “go to” guy for 50 miles around when you need your bike fixed or tuned. The bikes and riders you see in his shop are the best in the region. I am sure he has forgotten more about bikes than I will ever know.  While his operation may be small, it is that way on purpose so that his customers get personal, professional attention–unlike the big shop down the road where you never know which wrench is going to be working on your bike, the owner or the 17-year-old he just hired to help out after school.  I am absolutely certain he is capable of fitting and assembling this bike to the highest professional standards. And, having read about your company on your web site, I am sure he would fit right in.


Hi. I am a former CAT II racer and have moved back to the new england area after living in Washington, DC for twelve years. While in DC I attended both undergraduate and graduate school and worked for seven years at DC area Bicycle Shops – for a few years I worked at the now bankrupt Bikes USA and I also worked for a few years at The Bicycle Pro Shop in the Georgetown area. Truth be told I am not the best wrench, which is why I was on the sales floor, however, I know a good wrench when I find one.   Without a doubt Amos is a good wrench. I currently have a Cannondale  Six13 with DuraAce and one! afternoon I unfortunately ripped off the derailleur and damaged the derailleur hanger. Amos quickly took me in and fixed my bike. Mind you, this was after trying out other area bike shops (e.g., the now closed Rose City Bikes and Mystic Cycle Center). After having Amos install a new derailleur and hanger I can say, without hesitation, Amos and Brumble Bikes is my store of choice. Everyone else was sub par and, to be frank, they might as well be selling dishwashers. Amos knows bikes, is a strong and talented rider and gives great customer service – when you’re riding high-end bikes and love riding finding a small shop with a good wrench and someone who knows bikes (with the legs to prove it, but not the ego) – then you’ve found the perfect shop as things like this are rare in life. I don’t need to remind you that a top-end bike is only as good as the service and the dealer. When you buy a top-end bike you also buy the dealer!  I have been riding and racing for 15 years and without a doubt I trust Amos to work on my bike. I have no hesitation that the brands and products you sell will be represented in stellar and professional manner through Brumble Bikes.

Patirck M

Amos, from Brumble Bikes, of Westerly, RI has asked that I contact you in regard to his ability to properly fit and assemble a BMC time trial bike. I have known Amos for over 20 years since he purchased his first “10 speed bike” from my former shop, King’s Cyclery, (also of Westerly, RI) in 1985. Amos eventually worked in my shop as a mechanic, sales person and eventually as manager. He has also worked as a mechanic and service manager at Mystic Cycle Centre, of Mystic, CT. He has been committed to cycling as a competitor, advocate and now businessman for 20 years. He has attended countless clinics at racing venues and trade shows and has literally devoured any printed material on design and proper fit of bicycles during those entire 20 years.  Amos’ shop is small. He does not have million dollar inventory. But when a customer goes to his shop, they get a wealth of experience that cannot be found in most larger shops. If there are particular features of this bicycle that require special or unusual assembly or adjustment requirements, I am sure that he can fulfill those requirements with your company’s guidance.

Steve K (owner former King’s Cyclery, 271 Post Rd, Westerly, RI 02891)

I believe that you will find Amos Brumble fully qualified to build, fit, and maintain your bike.  Amos has the knowledge, equipment, and experience (both in racing and maintenance) to fully satisfy your needs.  He has done excellent work for me and, in addition, I have observed him in the shop.  I am not aware of any complaints concerning Amos.

Don W

Hello Amos! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you yesterday. It’s always fun to converse with others with the same passion I have for a livelihood. But it’s not just a livelihood for us, is it? It’s a lifestyle that will carry us to the grave. I visited Amos because I heard he was THE cyclist to consult regarding fitting. We went out for a long flat-to-hilly ride to determine where my leg pain was coming from. Amos made micro-adjustments to the saddle and bar height as well as my cleats. I like this fitting method because it’s done in a real-world setting riding over various terrains. It also allowed me to study Amos’s style of riding. And this is where getting fitted on the road differs from the more static computer methods. Amos identified a small technical problem in my revolution style going up hills. I’m looking forward to riding in more comfort with a better technique. I had mentioned a very slight “banging” in my headset. After discussing this problem with a couple of other mechanics who couldn’t identify the problem, Amos found it immediately and tightened the headset about 1/8-turn. Done! At 55, I know what competency looks like, and Amos embodies that word. And what I beautiful shop he has. If I need help in the future, I’m happy to make the trip “all the way” from West Warwick ;~) Jeffery H.